A Facebook Group was started for the Club in March 2012 after discussion between members at a National AGM about the need to have an interactive online presence in conjunction with this website, in order to further promote the club and thereby help facilitate its growth. This group is classed as a CLOSED Group only open to financial members.

We also run a second Facebook page called Sunbeam Car Enthusiasts Of New Zealand that is open to anyone who has an interest in the Sunbeam marque.

Of course, we do hope you will be inspired to join us once you see what exciting adventures we have in our Sunbeams! To be considered for the Facebook Group you must first have a Facebook Profile. Then you need to submit a join request which will be considered by the Admin Team. By operating as a closed group, a higher level of privacy is maintained and only group members are able to view what is shared. This has been done to protect the privacy of all members, as well as the Facebook Group itself. The internet is a big place, and Facebook is a HUGE presence which should be used wisely.

There is a lot of information sharing in the group, including videos, photographs and online articles. Not just pertaining to Sunbeams, but other Rootes and British Cars – information is shared from all over the world!  There is a lot of wonderful historic content. There are photos of club events, including National AGM events. Some of our club members have featured in online articles/magazines which are also proudly shared in the group, where possible. You will be surprised at the interesting posts you will find there. As a group member you are also able to share info/ photos, and ask questions.

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